We are surrounded with glass. Glass’s main material is silica sand and there are hard and transparent substance. There are numerous types of glass, and most of them are hard, resistant to chemicals, have a smooth surface, and are easy to remove dirt.
Utilizing this characteristic, glass is used as windowpanes, mirrors, lenses, tableware, etc., which are familiar to us, and has deeply connected to our lives.

Glass, which is often used in the industrial field, has extremely excellent properties compared to the other industrial materials such as metals and resins.
Metal is hard and some of them are resistant to chemicals, but they do not pass the light.
Transparent resin allows light to pass through, but it is softer and easily damage by chemicals than other materials like metal or glass..

─ want passes light, need hardness, and withstand the use of chemicals ─
Glass is the material that plays an active role under such greedy requirement.

In Glass Industry, Japan Cell’s technology specializes in products processed optical glass (quartz glass, crystalline glass, etc.) which were integrated into equipment with wide range of industries such as medical analysis, optical communication, semiconductor manufacturing, and space experiment.
Many of the products made by Japan Cell are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but if even one of those small products is missing, the device will not play its role.
That is why we have confidence and responsibility to provide one-stop services from small lot multi-kind production to moderate-amount production facing each and every product used in various equipment in various industries.

Japan Cell products has been selected by a wide range of customers because of the accumulation of Japan Cell’s unique and special technology. The most notable is the “Optical Contact Bonding” that joins the flat surfaces of glass together without using adhesives or pressure.
Optical Contact Bonding, that bond precision-polished plane glasses together, is so integrated that it is difficult to see the joint surface.
This method, which does not use an adhesive, is a joining and bonding technology that takes advantage of the characteristics of glass, which has excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, and optical properties. It is an indispensable technology in fields where accuracy is required.
We manufacture not only ordinary glass processing but also optical glass parts that were previously difficult to make by merging Optical Contact Bonding technology and various precision glass processing technologies.

Beyond the accumulation of such technologies there are Japan Cell products selected by customers.

What we at Japan Cell offer is not only products, but also fulfilling the wishes of our customers such as “I want to make something like this with glass” or “I want to do this with glass”. And to create the future beyond that.

There are things that can be done because with Japan Cell.
There are things that only Japan Cell can do.

Please contact us. Japan Cell is your hope.