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  • How do I contact Japan Cell?
    Complete the contact form to submit a inquiry to us. Click the below. https://www.jpcell.co.jp/en/contact/
  • Can I have a meeting to discuss the engineering feasibility?
    Our staff can visit your office, and our clients are also welcome to visit our office. Web conferencing is also avaialble during our office hours. To reduce chances of being infected or spreading COVID-19, we are taking every precaution to create a safe workplace with such as physical distancing, wearing a mask, keeping rooms well ventilated, avoiding crowds, cleaning hands with an alcohol-based hand rub.
  • What information should I provide for the quotation?
    "In order to review the feasibility of your custom components, we need the following information:
    Material, relevant dimensions and dimension tolerances, which surfaces to be polished, critical areas and its surface finish level, application information (if poosible), quantities you need a quotation for."
  • How long does it take to get a quote?
    Quotes typically take anywhere from 3-7 business days. There is a possibility that it takes more than 7 business days if the components need to be outsource. Please tell us your deadline for quotation and/or manufacturinge.
  • We need qty 1 only, do you quote and fabricate?
  • Can Japan Cell offer volume production?
    It depends on the shape, dimensions and the shop-workload. We manage the production qauntity to keep the high quality, we also utilize the outsource if necesarry. Please tell us your demand qauntity.
  • Should I provide a drawing for quotation?
    If you can give us a drawing or sketch, we can proceed with the quotation examination more smoothly. A rough sketch or drawing is also fine. In case you do not have a drawing, please tell us the details requirements, we can create a drawing that meets it or propose our specifications.
  • Is there the difference in price when manufactured with different materials?
    Comparing glass and crystal materials, crystal materials are more expensive. Please tell us your requests on material, shape, dimensions and qauntity.
  • What is the delivery time on my order?
    "Japan Cell strives to maintain stock on common glass and crystal materials. Custom components usually carry a 3-14 week production lead time after receipt of order assuming raw materials are in stock. On occasion, the availability of raw materials may require longer lead times.
    Unless otherwise indicated, all goods will be shipped FCA Japan Cell plant or Ex-works Japan Cell plant.
    The lead time is based upon Japan Cell’s best judgment, are subject to factory schedules and production limitations, and hence are not guaranteed.
    We strive to meet your demand, please tell us your detail requests."
  • Do you have stock of the finished item?
    We don't have the standard items and Most optical coomponents we provide are basically custom order products. Some products, such as flow cells for Hematorogy analyzer, polished substrates and glass rod for biochemical experiments, are in stock. Please contact us for detail.
  • Does Japan Cell offer International Shipping?
    "Yes. We have delivered to research institutes, universities, and companies all over the world.
    Unless otherwise indicated, our quotation does not cover insurance and carrier's shipping cost. We arrange the shipment by buyer's account.
    If you don't have carrier's account and hope us to cover these costs, we can offer our carrier like UPS, DHL, FedEx or TNT."
  • What glass bonding method do you have?
    Optical contact (Adhesive free, direct fusion bonding), UV curing, Epoxy adhesive, Flameworking and others. Please contact us for detail.
  • What is benefit in optical contact bonding?
    Using special thermal processing, each part is fused together to create one solid construction.
  • What are the benefits of products made with optical contact bonding?
    Many benefits. One of our customers used the product which is machined during all production process. Machining process takes much time to achive the final shape and has quantity limitation monthly. We offered Optical contact technology, part and part are fused together to save machining process and then optical contacted product improved the monthly demand quantity. Another example, our client had trouble with leakage in gas flow component. Its component was bonded by fritted glass. We offered the optical contacted component with them, optical contact is ideal for the flow channel which the leakage is not allowable.
  • Can you bond crystal materials by optical contact?
    Yes. We have Patent.
  • Can Optical contact technology form between two different glass materials.
    We have a option of non-thermal process contact even though it is dependent on the usage environment and required specifications.
  • Can you optical contact glass to metal?
    Unfortunately, we can not do it. We have other solutions and please give us your detail requirements for us to consider the feasibility.
  • How does Japan cell run thermal process during optical contact bonding?
    Sorry, we can not disclose that.
  • What size is Japan Cell good at?
    It depends on the shape, glass/crystal material and the manufacturing method. We have worked with anufacturing from 10 mm thick polishing plates to lens arrays of approximately 560 mm x 560 mm. For the feasibility, please let us share your detail requirements.
  • What material do you work with?
    Our materials include Synthetic/Fused silica, Borofloat(Tempax, Pyrex), BK7, various optical glasses and crystal materials such as sapphire and calcium fluoride.
  • Can customer supply the materials to Japan Cell and Can Japan Cell work them?
    Yes. Please let us know your material specifications in advance to verify that all the specifications could be achieved.
  • Does Japan Cell offer filling alkali material and buffer gases into the cell?
    Yes. Please let us know your requirements.
  • Can Japan Cell offer coating?
    Japan Cell has the coating chamber and can apply AR coating. Multilayer ‘V’ or broadband coatings available for specific wavelengths. Please tell us your wavelength range. In addition AR coating, we can use outosource network to meet other coating types.
  • What pressure or vacuum condition can Japan Cell's products withstand?
    Our customers indicate that some products are used under environments of several MPa and 10 ^ -12 Torr (10 minus 12 Torr) even though it is dependent on the shape and dimensions. *Reference only and not guaranteed.
  • What is Japan Cell's main customer?
    Our products are used in a wide range of applications such as equipment of semiconductor manufacturing process, life science and biomedical equipment, and basic research on quantum optics.
  • What manufacturing can Japan Cell offer?
    We are one-stop shop, from cutting material, grinding, polishing, machining, bonding, coating. We also have a service of assembly with housing and glass components/lens.
  • Can I see samples?
    If you visit Japan Cell, we have a simple exhibition space and you can pick it up and touch it. Also, our sales staff can bring samples when we visit you.
  • Does Japan Cell have a factory tour?
    Unfortunately, since components we make are all customer designed , we generally cannot permit visitors to enter our production area.
  • Where does Japan Cell produce custom-made products?
    We are a Japanese Company, with office and factory in Machida city, Tokyo.
  • What is Japan Cell's business hours?
    Mon-Fri, 9:00AM-5:30PM JST