Rod Lens Arrays


AKA "Drum lens arrays"

Drum lens arrays is used for exposure equipment and various light sources that require a uniform and bright illuminance distribution up to the periphery of the irradiation surface.
One drum lens array has the same characteristics as a pair of fly-eye lens arrays.


Japan Cell's drum lens array
If you need a smaller device, a drum lens is better than a fly-eye lens.
It is possible to manufacture a drum lens array of the desired size/shape by bonding rod lenses accoring to the customer's specifications.
In addition, if necessary, we also provide AR coating to drum lens array.
Solar simulator, Exposure equipment for PCB, Light source equipment for semiconductor inspection process, etc.
Material: Quartz, BK7
Bonding method: Low-melting-point Glass Frit, UV curing
Lens size: 0.7mm - 20mm Square
Length: 20mm ~ 70mm
Radius of Curvature: accoring to customer's design
AR coating: Any wavelength from UV to IR