Optical cell


Optical cell

Optical cells that do not use adhesive at the bonding surface are ideal for analyzers that use laser light.

Optical contact achieve solid bonded surfaces, and no need to worry about elution problem from bonded surfaces because no adhesives are used.  


Flow Cells (Capillaries)
Flow cell is installed into the instruments which use light scattering method/light obscuration method.
Light scattering occurs when the liquid sample introduced throuh a hollow chamber with a square cross section is irradiated with light. The scattered light is detected by photo detector and is converted to electrical signals.
Light obscuration method measure the attenuation of a light beam caused by the combined light scattering and absorption of a particle passed through the flow cell.
Japan Cell's optical cell
In constructing straight flow channel, four blocks/plates are fused together. Japan Cell's also can make inlet the tapered/cone shape by machining to allow liquid to flow more smoothly. In adition to flow cell, we manufacture optical cells used for various purposes such as reference cells and cuvettes.
Flow cytometer, Hematorogy analyzer, Particle counter, High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) device, Particle measurement instruments in pure water or solvent,
[Specification reference example]
Optical material: Synthetic quartz, sapphire
Flow path size: 0.08 mm square or more, φ0.5 mm diameter or more
Flow path length: 30 mm or less
AR coating: Available at any wavelength from 360nm to 1064nm