Custom Optical Components


Custom Optical Components

Japan Cell utilize the precision machining equipments and combine with optical contact technology to achive the shape which is hard to fabricate with machining working only. We offer the various optics such as glass vacuum chucks for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, visualization use and other optics.

Material:Synthetic fused silica, Fused silica, BK7、Pyrex/Tempax、Low expansion glass, Sapphire, CaF2 and otherss


Optical parts for visualization
We have worked with manufacturing glass cylinders for engine visualization combustion experiments for research and development.
Japan Cell realizes precision processing comparable to metal processing, which is difficult with glass, and manufactures optical parts for trial development that have characteristics that are also optically satisfactory.
In addition, please contact us for visualization experiments of fluids.

Glass cylinder for engine visualization combustion study
Glass cylinder for battery heat resistance test
Glass nozzle for cleaning instruments/injection system

Material: Fused Silica, sapphire and others
Micro-cavity is a microflow cell that has a fine flow path.
We combine optical contact technology and micro flow path processing technology to offer micro-cavity.

Bioscience, Cell analyzer, fine particle measurement, etc.
Material: Synthetic fused silica