Low-melting-point glass frit technology

Low-melting-point glass frit technology Glass frit is absolutely essential for encapsulating devices Nowadays, form a standpoint of decrease in burdens on the environment, glass frit has gotten a lot of attention for vacuum device, glass frit have gotten a lot of attention from LED light source, solar power generation and so on.

Glass frit bonding process is the core technology of Japan Cell too.
Own prepared glass frit is tucked and fused at 600°between two glass surfaces. The bonded surfaces are highly chemical resistive and the method enables larger size of glass products.
Glass frit bonding technology meets a broad range of customer needs.


Use as an adhesive

  • Various electrode parts joinin
  • Special industrial lamp parts joining
  • Bonding various electronic parts

Use as a seal (coating)

  • Sensor sealing
  • Electronic component sealing