Optical thin Film Coating

Optical thin Film Coating Japan Cell offers a variety of vacuum deposited thin film coatings for a wide range of glass, metal or crystalline substrates, including antireflective optical coatings, dielectric films, metal films and multi-layer optical stacks. The specific coating process and configuration varies with the desired level of performance and the substrate used.

Metal Coating

Al, Al+Protective film(SiO2,SiO,MgF2),Al+ Dielectric Multilayer Film, Au, Au+Dielectric Multilayer Film, Ag,Cu,Pt,Cr,Ni,Ti,Mo,W and others.


Dielectric Coating

AR(Single Coat, Multi Coat, V Coat, U Coat)
Dielectric half mirror (T:R=50:50, T:R=70:30) UV cut, IR cut, UV-IR, mirror, dichroic filter


ND filter