Optical contact technology

Optical contact technology Optical contact of adhesive free bonding process is the core technology of Japan Cell.The molecule within amorphous glass is in stable condition that the molecule attract each other with a force.
However, the molecule on the surface of precision polished glass is in unstable condition as the molecule on glass surface lose attracting force.

In an interesting twist, if two precision polished glass of the molecule of unstable condition are contacted, the molecule in contacted glass surface react with each other and shift to stable condition. Optical contact is based on the above bonding technology.

Optical contact is guaranteed solid bonded surfaces, Excellent flatness and optical surface quality, and No need to worry about elution problem from bonded surfaces.
The product of Optical contact is widely used for laser analysis device and equipment, and Optical unit of UV Lighting source.

The character of Quartz

Difference in transmittance in the ultraviolet region between optical contact and UV curing agent adhesion

Ultra low impurity
Optical transmissivity : UV(0.2μm)~IR(2.5μm)
High heat resistive (softening temperature: 1700℃)