Optical Assemblies

Optical Assemblies

State of the art bonding and alignment technologies combine with Japan Cell's world-leading optics to deliver cost effective one-stop solutions.
Japan Cell's assemblies are produced within ISO Class 6 clean room, and ultra pure water 0.5m3/h RO water 0.5m3/h and inspissations water 0.5m3/h for exceptional contamination.
Optical assemblies ensures optimal manufacturability.

Description of demonized water unit

Water is removed 90% or more of ion by reverse osmosis membrane and store to RO water tank.After that water is sterilized by UV germicidal lamp and go through a two-pronged process of cartridge type deionizer. Water is removed particles by final filtration and purify to deionizer water.

The specification of clean room

ISO class 6
Unidirectional airflow design, Industrial clean room (ICR)
Best for assembling precision electronics parts, precision instruments and other precision equipments