Should we need to prepare a formal drawing and specification sheet?
No. Please give us you idea, concept or design, and feel free to contact us at any time.
What kind glass materials can you have?
Quartz (Fused Silica), Tempax (Pyrex), Sapphire (Crystalline material), Low expansion glass and various kinds of glass materials.
What is your process capabilities?
Our capability is CNC glass machining, optical, optical contact, gas burner works, special bonding technologies.
Will you make one piece only?
Yes. Please feel free to contact us. We excel at development and trial manufacture of optical solutions.
Will you meet high volume demand for 10,000 pcs per year?
Please contact us first. Our production capability is high-mix low-volume demand in an effort to maintain high quality level. But we are able to provide you useful solutions over subcontractor’s networks.
Will you bond between 2 different types of glass materials by optical contact
We can bond by non-heating process of optical contact.But bonded surface vary according to the specification and using environmental conditions.
Will you bond between glass and metals by optical contact?
Unfortunately, it is not available. But please contact us first. We have some other solutions.

Please contact us by e-mail
or phone 042-798-4621