Sapphire Cells


【Optical materials】
Synthetic Sapphire (Corundum)
Flow channel hole: minimum. 0.08mm square or φ0.8mm Flow Channel length: maximum 30mm
【AR coating】
400nm-1064nm at any wavelength

Sapphire Cells are developed core Optical contacting technology of Japan Cell.

International patent on method of the preparation of Sapphire cells

International Application No.:PCT/JP1998/0582 Pub. No.: WO/2000/037720
・Japan Patent No.: 3499717
・Korea Patent No.: 0537685
・USA Patent No.: 6440242
・German Patent No.: 1013802

The optical cell property of Sapphire cells

・Available in wide wavelength from UV to IR
・Excellent heart resistance and abrasion resistance
・Withstand hydrofluoric acid
・Be resistant to Alkali