productOther custom precision optical parts

Other custom precision optical parts

Markets and Application:Spectrophotometric analyzer, Fluor photometric analyzer, Differential refractometer detector
Product name:UV detection flow cell, VIS detection flow cell, RI detection flow cell, PDA detection flow cell, Polarizing beam splitter
Optical materials:Quartz, Fused silica, BK7, Pyrex, Tempax, Low-expansion glass
Processing technology:Optical contact, Precision polishing

Precision optical cells

Japan Cell provides a wide range of optical materials for cells that are designed to meet just about any requirement.
We routinely supply cells using such standard raw materials as TEMPAX®, PYREX®, Quartz and Synthetic Sapphires.
We have design expertise available to assist you with a variety of manufacturing processes, such as proprietary optical contact techniques or other bonding technologys.

Custom Made Precision Optics

Using time-tested, proven techniques in every process, such as glass-to-glass bonding by optical contact,
gas fusion, precision polishing or bore tubing, drilling, thread cutting and grooving.
Japan Cell offer unusually deep technical abilities that allow us to tackle the most demanding application specifications.
Our engineering fabrication and problem-solving experience ensures Japan Cell are able to deliver difficult designs
and applications with a high level of confidence.
Feel free to call and allow us to provide you with a prompt, competitive quote.