Magneto-optical trap vacuum cells


【Cell sizes】
maximum size: 50x50x150mm
【Cell materials】
Quartz, Borofloat (ex. Pyrex)
【Bonding method】
Optical contact, Epoxy bonding
φ70mm size, CF Type ICF70(DN40CF), Stainless steel SUS304, antimagnetic or SUS316L, Non-magnetic
【AR coating】
400nm-1064nm at any wavelength  For Optical contact, Coating on out side of cell and baking temperature 200℃ and up For Epoxy bonding, Coating on In&Out side of cell

a.k.a: UHV Cells, Cold trapped atom Cells

Japan Cell has been providing the high quality UHV Cell of custom design for many research institute,
university and laboratory around the world.
Japan Cell’s UHV Cell are used for research and test into Magnet Optical Trap: MOT to produce a large number of atoms,
and Bose-Einstein Condensation : BEC