productLens Arrays

Lens Arrays

Markets and Application:FPD Exposure System, PCB Exposure System, Illuminator for optical inspection and tes
Optical materials:Quartz, BK7
Bonding method:Glass Frit bonding, UV bonding
Lens Size:6.0mm - 60.0mm square, R:designed value, Biconvex lens, Convex-Flat lens
AR coating:400nm-1064nm at any wavelength

a.k.a: Integrator lenses , Flyeye lens

Lens Arrays also known as integrator lenses or Flyeye lenses, are used to make display images more uniform and are indispensable in front line industries such as FPD exposure systems, PCB exposure systems and illuminators.Japan Cell design and manufacture individual lens components, bond them into a single monolith using glass frit or UV bonding.Japan Cell also evaporate AR coating on lens arrays as per customer’s request.Japan Cell have the ability to work with diverse glass materials covering the entire spectrum from UV to far IR.