Optical contact of adhesive free bonding process is the core technology of Japan Cell. Optical contact is used for many other glass materials as Sapphire and Tempax besides quartz.


Magneto-optical trap vacuum cells

a.k.a: UHV Cells, Cold trapped atom Cells Japan Cell has been providing the high quality UHV Cell of custom de […]

Portable, ultimate high intensity searchlight for disaster relief

  Advanced Point ・High Power LED / light intensity : 3.1 million candela ・Long range illumination / reach […]


Flow Cells (Capillaries)

“Optical contacting technology” is our proprietary direct fusion bonding. This adhesive free flow […]


Sapphire Cells

Sapphire Cells are developed core Optical contacting technology of Japan Cell. International patent on method […]


Lens Arrays

a.k.a: Integrator lenses , Flyeye lens Lens Arrays also known as integrator lenses or Flyeye lenses, are used […]


Rod lens Arrays

a.k.a Drum lenses Rod lens arrays also known as drum lenses, are used to make display images more uniform and […]


Micro cavity

a.k.a Micro flow cell or Micro flow pass Micro cavity also known as Micro flow cell or Micro flow path, are hi […]


Optical parts for visualization experiment

Custom design and Prototype optical parts Japan Cell has the expertise and manufacturing resources necessary t […]


Other custom precision optical parts

Precision optical cells Japan Cell provides a wide range of optical materials for cells that are designed to m […]