Enhance the creativity, Japan Cell Own glass bonding technology accomplish the impossible.

Japan Cell serves leading-edge industry and research institute, providing the world’s best precision optical solutions for analytic, medical, bio-science, semiconductor and aerospace.


Our technology in fabricating high quality precision optics has become indispensable in today’s front-line industries,

including electric products, automotive components, medical diagnostics and therapies, bio-technology
and semiconductor manufacturing.

What is Japan Cell

Since its inception, Japan Cell has earned a reputation as a reliable manufacturer of superior quality precision optical components and today has enhanced state-of art bonding, polishing and coating capabilities providing a wider range of applications.

An early leader in the development of optical technology for the emerging high-tech industry, Japan Cell employs proprietary optical technology that enables the production of state-of-the-art precision optical devices used in a wide variety of products, including red blood cell counters, particle sensors used to count the number of particles in ultra-pure water and fiber couplers.

Why think Japan Cell


In today’s rapidly accelerating era of technological innovation, Japan Cell is committed to providing its customers with fast, courteous and personal attention, addressing the needs of designers and users with proprietary engineering expertise and unique, powerful abilities honed over many years.
Our concept provides fertile ground for the manufacture of the highest quality optical products available anywhere.